Who We Are

WeightLifters is a Christ-centered 12 step recovery group for women who struggle with an unhealthy relationship with food and/or body image.  

This is a safe place for women of all ages interested in finding a solution to their problems through God and the 12 Steps.

What We Do

Compulsive overeaters come in all shapes and sizes.  We may be morbidly obese, overweight, average weight or underweight.  Some of us find we can control our unhealthy eating behaviors for a period of time; others of us are burdened with a complete inability to control our eating.

With God’s help, we have found a way of life, utilizing the 12 steps of recovery, that brings spiritual, physical and emotional healing, one day at a time.  The changes we realize, and the freedom we experience, are proof positive that God is still in the miracle business.

When We Meet

If you are desirous of living in a more healthy relationship with food, weight and/or body image, please join us.  
Tuesdays 6:45pm - 8pm
Oasis Community Church
(we meet in the modular across from the hub closest to the back parking lot)

If interested, you can reach out to Kathy Hughes  by filling out information below.

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